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För närvarande finns det ingen recension av programmet: ChilliTorrent, version free. Om du vill skriva en recension av programmet, var vänlig gör så och skicka den till oss så inkluderar vi den gärna här.

Once you’ve installed ChilliTorrent, you can download and upload as many torrent files as you like. The progress is displayed in an uncomplicated fashion, making it easy for you to choose which files you want processing first. Bittorrenting has received some bad press over the years and ChilliTorrent is quick to point out that it is up to the individual to use the program legitimately and not access illegal materials. Users should also be aware of how vulnerable they are to potential hacking as their IP address is shared during the torrent download. Of course, you could use a VPN to better secure your personal information. Overall, ChilliTorrent provides an excellent and comprehensive service with plenty of options for configuring the program to suit your personal needs. Should you wish to the speed limit, that function is easily available and more advanced users can also select different ports, although the default settings are usually effective enough for most users. Users can also opt to alter the queue settings for the maximum number of active downloads. ChilliTorrent has also removed many unnecessary features in order to enable optimal use of your computer resources. This software is functional, accessible and makes torrenting a pleasure.

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Filstorlek:1024 KB
Senast uppdaterad:11/4/2017
Operativsystem som stöds: Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2008, Windows 10
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